The Summer has been full of sun and pleasantly warm weather so far in the UK, which can be frustrating for all those holiday-makers who have spent months and months saving up for a two week holiday to the Bahamas. However for those of us who prefer to spend a long weekend away, travelling across our own country might seem a little more attractive than hopping on a plane for 6 hours to spend our holidays on some faraway beach.

The UK has a number of beautiful beaches that have looked a little neglected over the years because of drizzly springs and disappointing summers. However with the recent good weather looking like it is here to stay, at least for the next few months, we’ll take a look with the help of The Coach Transport Group at five fantastic beaches you can easily find, here in the UK.

Wells Next the Sea – Norfolk

A gorgeous stretch of sand and sea, Wells beach is impressive both when the tide is in and the tide is out. Great for families or for elderly couples looking for a relaxing sea walk, Wells beach provides a slice of complete peace in its simplicity. Small pools are created when the tide is out and host a number of small wildlife, from fishes to crabs and even a lobster here or there.

As there are specific rules on Wells beach with regards to cleanliness, dogs and barbecues, the beach is well kept and good for visitors of all ages. Dog owners are encouraged to clear up any mess and there is an area of the beach that is kept dog free for holidaymakers to dig in the sand without fear of finding any mess. It provides a good balance of beach that is suitable for everybody.

Porthcurno – South Cornwall

Recommended for more experienced swimmers due to the steep shelving of the beach, Porthcurno is like a taste of the exotic right in Cornwall’s back hard. With beautiful soft sand and high cliffs on either side providing good shelter from the wind, this calming beach is great for a relaxing weekend by the sea.

There is a stream located near the top of the beach which is perfect for children, and a number of good facilities nearby for eating out and entertainment. Dogs are welcome at Porthcurno, with the exception of the period between May 1st and September 30th 8am – 7pm, as there is a seasonal dog ban in place.

Studland Bay – Dorset

With amazing views of Old Harry Rocks and the Isle of Wight, Studland Bay offers four miles of beautiful sandy beach that is ideal for water sports. As one of the most popular naturist beaches in Britain, Studland Bay has something available for everyone, with natural wildlife present all round, sand dunes and woodland trails, wild flowers and birds and even all six species of reptile found in the British Isles.

The beach has great gentle waters, making it ideal for children and families, with designated barbecue areas meaning you can have fun and still enjoy the clean natural beauty the beach has to offer.

Rhossili Bay – Rhossili

Proudly names as one of the top 10 beaches in the world in 2013, Rhossili Beach in Gower is one of the top 3 beaches in Europe, with 3 miles of beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous views of both the sea and Worm’s Head. Accessed via steps from the village of Rhossili, it is a hidden gem of the UK and is also a dog friendly beach.

For those seafaring explorers, you can watch out for a number of shipwrecks below the waterline, or for trail lovers there are a number of walks with maps available. The climb down and back up from the beach may be steep, but the experience is worth it.

Sandbanks – Poole

With gorgeous golden sand, clean safe water and a first aid post nearby, Sandbanks is a great beach for young children. Offering a number of facilities on the promenade including showers, ice cream and hot dog stands, Sandbanks has everything you could want for a classic day out at the beach.


For the older kids there is a wide selection of watersports available, or for something a little more relaxing, why not try out the mini-golf range with the family?

Whether you prefer to stay at home at the weekend and soak up the sun in your garden, or if you’re aching to get to a beach, any beach, make sure you make the most of the good weather while it lasts! With so many gorgeous beaches located throughout the UK, you might not have to book a flight and hotel after all! Why not try it this weekend?