Everybody loves a little holiday, whether it is sitting and sunning yourself on your own private island or just catching up with your new book in your own back garden. We spend so much of our lives working on our careers, helping our family, participating in charity and running our households that when we finally do get a few weeks to ourselves, we often don’t know what to do with it. We spend hours stressing about budget, about whether or not we have the right medication, about checking if our flights are on time, but it is all worth it in the end.

So why not make a little investment on top of your annual holiday leave? If there is a location you love to return to every year, why not buy a small holiday home and rent it out during the summer? The world is full of fantastic holiday destinations that make great investments when it comes to holiday rentals, plus this will give you extra spending money for when you decide to take your own holiday!

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We’ll have a look at the world’s top 5 holiday destinations for holiday rentals.


Although considered relatively new as a family holiday destination, Turkey is an undiscovered wonder with a lot to offer in terms of all round, holiday fun. With a huge range of sunny beaches and gorgeous coastline, Turkey offers air conditioned holiday homes which make enjoying the sun all the better when you’ve got a cooled cabin to return home to.

Turkey is also great for holiday-makers who like to learn about the country they’re visiting, with the domes and minarets of Istanbul and a beautiful boat cruise perfectly suited for tourists, as it takes you along the Mediterranean coast-line.


Well known as Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destination, Thailand is not for those who prefer cooler climes! Browse through the beautiful beaches of Phuket or search out a cooling splash in one of the country’s numerous natural waterfalls.

Thailand is also home to a number of huge national parks, with your choice of a tropical rainforest adventure or a deep jungle rescue mission making it fun for all the family. While a bit of a stretch to get there, Thailand is certainly iconic in its classical beauty and has something available for everyone.


For holiday-goers who often have a bit of trouble learning the language, perhaps the USA is good for you. With tourist attractions, national land-marks and even food that is larger than life, you’ll feel as if you’ve just stepped into a fairy tale while holiday in the USA!

The USA also has a wide array of natural wonders, making it great for any true explorer and making it a worthwhile investment for those looking at purchasing a property for holiday rentals. America has something for everybody all year round.


An ideal holiday destination for those who are a little less fond of the sun. 75% covered in rocky mountains, Austria is the perfect holiday for winter sports. Take the family to learn and entire new ball game in skiing and snowboarding, or spend your afternoons soaking in a hot tub while the snow falls outside.

Austria also has some breathtaking architecture in its medieval-like cities. Or if you’re a big fan of classical music, why not tick another goal off your bucket list and visit the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg?


With a number of inexpensive holiday villas that stretch from small cottages to large country mansions, Spain is quickly becoming the holiday rent central of the modern world. Kit your new villa out with a stylish pool making it perfect for family rentals, or choose a small secluded villa by the beach for a hot honeymoon getaway.

Spain also has a number of activities available for holidaymakers including sailing, banana boating and scuba diving for those who can’t get enough of the ocean.

Whethere you’re a fan of the attitude down under, you love the sunny spells that the USA has to offer or you love the exotic nature of Turkey, there is something suitable for everyone. Why not share your love for the country by renting it out to other holiday-makers for a price? This way, everyone wins!

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