You don’t have to go far from home to find an amazing view. In fact you  might not even have to go out of your front door. There is plenty of cool pictures to be had of our home towns and cities here in Britain. So before I leave here is a bit about my home town of Exeter in Devon.

Exeter Quay

There is something so quintessentially British about this picturesque, charming city. Flocks of visitors head to Exeter all year round for it’s numerous museums, beautiful architecture and perfect access to the meandering river Exe. Red Coat Tours operate regularly, offering ghost tours and murder mystery trails for something a little different.

Visit the quaint town of nearby Topsham for idyllic views and bustling boutiques. Take a boat across the river to dine at Turf Lock, a traditional pub serving unique Devon ales and fresh barbecues whenever the weather permits. If you’re feeling bold, take your shot at the Topsham Ten: a local drinkig challenge to make it through all of the traditional ales at each of the villages ten pubs (it’s actually 8 now after 2 closed down). I’ve done it quite a few times and each time would have been a memorable occasion if I wasn’t so drunk.

Topsham Sunrise

Exeter is a hive of culture, with an abundance of markets and festivals filling the streets all year round. Watch out for the Exeter Summer Festival on the 25th June – 10th July and the Farmers market every Thursday for fresh, delicious local produce.

Often labelled as a sleepy, historical haven, Exeter’s wild side can often be overlooked. Exeter houses a large student population, inspiring a thriving music scene and an abundance of quirky and interesting bars and boutiques to explore. The Real McCoy is a heaven of vintage clothing and accessories, brimming with items up to a century old. A Levis inspired retro cafe offers parched shoppers an ideal spot to take a break, offering an array of great food and speciality coffees. Arcades heave with interesting tattoo parlours and vintage boutiques. Quirky record stores line the back streets whilst dozens of surf and skate shops can be found along the high street.

Exeter Lane

A Buzzing music scene finds its home in underground bars and clubs, as well as a rising pub music scene. Exeter Phoenix houses regular comedy nights as well as live musical performances from national and international artists.  Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay and husband of Gweneth Paltrow is from Exeter. In fact we had the very same music teacher in high school. The Martin family made their millions selling caravans and land in and around Devon. There is much more to meet the eye than cobbled street and cream teas!