Ireland makes for a dream destination; dramatic windswept landscapes, shorelines ravaged by the wild Atlantic and crystal clear lakes and rivers teeming with salmon. Its cities are magical too, from the cultural bastion of Dublin to the industrial powerhouse of Belfast and the tragic tale of the Titanic Ocean liner.

Irish customs and traditions have spread throughout the world but here you can appreciate them in their own natural beauty. Celtic folklore, decorative manuscripts and mysterious hill forts are all here for visitors to discover and enjoy. The bars and pubs dance to the traditional folk tunes while the hills whistle with the sounds of Irelands ancient roots.

Artistic Ireland

Visit Trinity College in Dublin and marvel at the sheer wonder and creativity that has gone into creating the famed “Book of Kells”. This is a truly remarkable piece of medieval Celtic religious work and a testament to the artistry that still exists in Ireland today.

Religious Ireland

If you are staying in Dublin on your travels, St Patrick’s Cathedral was established in 1170 and is one of three cathedrals in Dublin that are well worth a visit. St Patrick’s being the National Cathedral of Ireland and is regularly used for state occasions and special ceremonies. The other two cathedrals being the Anglican, Christ Church next to Wood Quay and the Roman Catholic, St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral.

Ancient Ireland

Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in County Meath are three impressive prehistoric tombs that date back to a time even before the construction of the pyramids. They are believed to have some religious significance to worshiping the seasons as they are aligned with the summer and winter solstices and marvellously decorated with rock carvings. Their uniqueness also has bestowed upon them the UNESCO World Heritage status and a protected site worth touring.

Irish Cuisine

Travelling around Ireland will give you a chance to sample the real taste of Irish cuisine and many of the local pubs serve up lunchtime and evening menus packed with traditional dishes. Colcannon, Irish Stew, Soda bread and seafood dishes are popular with many including a drop of Guinness in the recipe for good measure.

Irish Folklore

One of Irelands most magnificent locations is the UNESCO Heritage site, the Giants Causeway. The causeway is a natural volcanic feature in Antrim that crosses the Irish Sea to Scotland. Here it is rumoured that the giant, Finn McCool, threw them into the sea so as to cross it and take up the challenge of fellow Scottish giant, Benandonner.

Getting to Ireland

No matter where in Ireland you wish to travel there is more than likely a local airport serving your destination. International airports can be found at Dublin and Belfast, with Dublin also having an airport hotel, visitors regularly travel to Cork in the south and Shannon on the west coast as well. There are also regional flights to Kerry, Sligo and Waterford. County Donegal is a very nice area to visit and finding a hotel in Letterkenny will allow you to explore the county easily.