Many people when they go on holiday venture to hotter climates and places full of sunshine. Adults love it and kids love it. But there are inherent risks associated with being out in the Sun, but the good news is there are plenty of ways to negate this problem and be able to have an enjoyable holiday.


Sunburn is a painful and very common problem when visiting hotter countries, or even in your own back yard. It can be prevented through use of sunscreen. When choosing what product to use, sun protection factor (SPF) is the most important consideration; Higher is better. Essentially it blocks out the UV rays of the Sun which cause burning.

It is very important that children are protected well with a high-SPF sunscreen, as they are very susceptible to being burnt by the sun and often spend a lot of time out in the open. Clothes can help reduce the chances of burning, but exposed areas should always be covered liberally in sunscreen to prevent any burning or discomfort.

Water Safety

Many holidays put children close to either the sea or a pool. Children often love swimming and being around water, and while swimming and being around water can be very fun and beneficial activities, they come with inherent risks that should not be ignored.

Children who are in water no matter how deep should always be supervised. Younger children and children with little swimming ability should always be accompanied, and even a child with a strong swimming ability should be watched carefully. Pools and especially the sea are not always supervised fully and are done with the expectation that parents or guardians will keep a look-out for their own children, and while many places have very dedicated and able lifeguards, it is important not to rely completely on their supervision and make sure that your child is safe and not having any difficulty in the water.

Signs and warnings along beaches, pools and the sea should always be respected and if in doubt about any aspect, lifeguards should be asked or swimming or wading should be avoided.


Resorts or many areas in unfamiliar locations can quickly become crowded. Some countries or areas work on different times of the day, making sudden rushes of people happen unexpectedly. These can be problems for groups of people and families, especially large ones, where throngs of people may separate people quite easily.

Protecting children from being separated in a crowd is easy but important. It is essential to keep an eye on where a child is, and if they are starting to get lost in a crowd or if eye line is starting to get obstructed by groups of people, immediately stand with or carry the child. If walking into or expecting a crowd, always carry or hold the hand of younger children. Older children who might not like holding hands can be walked with, perhaps talked with, ensuring constant communication and keeping awareness of their whereabouts.

It is important to always keep an awareness of where your child is, especially so in a crowd, and to be aware of the crowd’s mentality – A simple work time rush, or a loud group of football fans, can make the difference in how easy or difficult it is to reach your child should the need arise to escort them out of the crowd, and in the general safety of the situation.

Now that you know how to keep your kids healthy on holiday, why not visit a holiday supermarket site like Directline and book a great break away!