If you’re looking for a sunny summer getaway this year and you want one packed with culture and history, then Paphos in Cyprus should definitely be high up on your list. As one of the ancient hearts of the island, the city of Paphos is saturated in Mediterranean culture and history, dating all the way back to 10,000BC. Due to its location and proximity to Turkey, Syria, Israel and Egypt, Cyprus has experienced a wealth of invaders, occupying forces and empires throughout the ages, each of whom have left a distinct mark on the island’s cultural landscape.

There are a number of important archaeological and historical sites within a short distance of the city. A km or two to the west of the city is the Paphos Archaeological Park – a sprawling site that contains some of Cyprus’ most treasured ruins, including the Tomb of the Kings and the House of Dionysus; the ruin is famed for its well preserved Roman mosaics dating back to the 2nd Century AD. A short walk down the beach in Paphos will also lead you to Aphrodite’s Rock, the spot where the goddess was supposedly born and brought to Greece.

Served by the nearby international airport, thousands of tourists visit Paphos each year to grab a dose of Mediterranean living and some much needed sun. Most major tour operators run regular flights to Paphos and almost 2,000,000 passengers pass through the airports gates each year. The city itself lays 10km’s to the west of the airport and is connected by several main roads, though congestion can build up during busy periods.