France is a popular destination for UK tourists, with some of the easiest cities to travel to being located in the north of the country. One that many people enjoy visiting is Calais and this coastal town and ferry port is a picturesque location. This means that anyone traveling there will find plenty of great photo opportunities.

Beach Locations

Taking in the beachfront of Calais provides the chance to snap some great seaside pictures. The beach is around 1km from the Place D’Armes and is kept in pristine condition to make it a beautiful place to spend some time.

Calais Beach

The Calais Lighthouse is also close by and climbing to the top of this will reveal some nice panoramas out over the English Channel, as well as a great view of the town. Other coastal locations that provide the chance for some impressive pictures include the Cap Blanc Gris and Cap Blanc Nez headlands.

Town Centre

The Town Hall is one of the most famous landmarks in Calais. It is a beautiful Flemish-style building that was constructed in the early 1900s. Its red exterior is a great backdrop for a photo, with the 75m high belfry and Rodin’s bronze sculpture of the Burghers of Calais being its stand-out features. It is possible to get to the top of the belfry for some impressive views out over the town. The 13th century watchtower is another of the town’s impressive landmarks. It is located in the Place D’Armes and on Wednesdays and Saturdays this area is transformed into a colourful open-air market.


Travel to Calais

Calais is one of the main destinations for UK travelers wishing to travel by ferry to France. Ships sail to the port on a daily basis from Dover and this is a relaxing way to make the journey. It also provides the chance to get some photographs of the French coastline and the attractions of Calais as the ferry comes in to dock. The Eurotunnel is an alternative for those that do not want to take the ferry to France. This runs train services from Folkestone to Calais all year round and is a quicker way to get to the town.

Other Locations

Once you arrive there are a host of places other than the beach and town centre to enjoy the sights and take some photographs. Some of the top attractions include the 13th century Eglise Notre Dame church, the Calais Citadel and grounds around it, and the Calais Theatre. However, these are just a few on the many sights that can be enjoyed on a walk around the town.

Calais is within easy traveling distance of the UK for a day trip or more. Those that visit this French coastal town are sure to have an enjoyable time and come back with some great photographs of a fun trip.