Some of these rambling trails have been untouched and are waiting to be explored. It was a tough job to narrow down some of the most spectacular trails in the Lake District. These landscapes include vast exposure to hills, meadows, copious woodlands, lakes and various other beautiful scenic views. They are home to several native birds and animals that can be found scurrying away through breathtaking forests.


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Here are the top best trails in the North of England especially in the Lake District:

Borger Dalr, Borrowdale

You can experience some amazing and magnificent views standing on the Castle Crag, which was a hill fort some 2,000 years ago. It has been described as the ‘finest square mile in Lakeland’ and there is no doubt in that. You can stop and take a rest or enjoy a serene picnic on Peace How, which is a small summit where soldiers returning from horrific war front line could find some peace and tranquillity.

castle crag lake district

Corpse Road, Loweswater

As the name suggests it has a morbid fascination. You might find yourself walking alone along the gloomy road only to discover you aren’t actually alone. You can almost feel the mysterious steps of numerous people who have left before you, walking the same path as you do to carry their dead from single communities to their ultimate resting places. Apart from its melancholic presence, it is home to some beautiful lakes that are surrounded by woodlands and a number of red squirrels. It is best to admire the landscape after a rainfall because sites such as Holme Force Falls are at their best on a rainy day.

Coniston & Gondola

In the vast landscape of Lake District that is covered by tarns, water and meres you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to explore all this by taking a boat ride. The Steam Yacht Gondola was introduced in 1859 and then revamped by the National Trust in 1980. You can also discover the several bounties of Coniston and it is referred as a walkers’ paradise with several hikers trying to reach the summit of the Old man. For those who have a true love for food, try out the Yew Tree Farm as it sells some scrumptious farm-bred Herdwick and Belted Galloway organic meat.

Greendale and Middle Fell, Western Fells

Looking to add some adventure to your hiking trips then you need to head west. This part of the Lake District remains undiscovered, as you will find very little presence of hikers. The reason being it is perceived as inaccessible and therefore boasts unspoilt, natural beauties, which if taken the extra mile can be enjoyed at great, extend as compared to other heartlands of the Lake. You can experience an impeccable and exceptional treat as you explore the valleys between the beautiful Wasdale and timeless Roman history of Eskdale. If you looking for a resting spot to enjoy a tranquil picnic then opt for Greendale Tarn as it is situated deep inside the woodlands and its stream looks as if it’s flowing in the wrong way.