Gluepot Reserve – a Wonderland for Wildlife-spotters

Combining rare habitat, diverse wildlife and easy accessibility, the Gluepot Reserve in Southern Australia is a destination that deserves to be on the list of every wildlife enthusiast and international birdwatcher.


Natural History and Wildlife

Gluepot is considered one of Australia’s best and most important nature preserves. It is part of the largest area of intact mallee scrubland the country, and home to a huge diversity of birds and other animals, including a number or locally and nationally threatened species. The combination of large, uninterrupted habitat, scrubland, and old-growth trees creates homes for a wide variety of species. Much of the land was saved from burning when it was purchased from a local farmer in 1997. A complete history of the reserve can be found at

Bird species of note include the black-eared miner, one of Australia’s most endangered birds, as well as the mallefowl and two species of parrot. Birdwatchers will find comprehensive information about the bird species found at Gluepot by visiting the site’s page at A number of reptile species of note are also found here, including the bandy-bandy, a threatened species of snake, various species of geckos and legless lizards. Endangered frogs and unusual mammals, such as the short-beaked echidna and the pygmy possum, can be spotted here as well.

Travel Tips

The Gluepot Reserve is relatively easy to get to, as it is accessible by a well-maintained dirt road from the town of Waikerie (about 170 km from Adelaide), and camping fees are reasonable. However, travel sites such as warn that after heavy rains roads inside the park can become quite muddy. Mobile phone service is generally not available in the park, so keeping an eye on the weather is a good idea. Campers should also plan to be self-sufficient and bring plenty of water and supplies, including cooking fuel as wood fires are not permitted.

For the less adventurous, a guided tour such as those offered by may be a better choice. Enjoy the beauty and diversity of this unique area without having to worry about supplies or weather conditions. In addition to it’s Australia tours, the company offers car and RV rentals for those who want to explore on their own.

Gluepot – a Great Place to Visit

In the relatively short time it has been around, Australia’s Gluepot Reserve has already gained an international reputation as a destination for birdwatchers, but it also offers so much more. Australia is known for its unique and fascinating wildlife, and the Gluepot Reserve is one of the best places in the country to see it for yourself.