Taking a well-earned holiday feels great when there is little to no planning involved. Just packing up, grabbing your passport and going has some sort of casual adventure feel to it and it can be liberating, particularly when so often we are stuck worrying about day to day issues in our day to day lives. The EuroStar allows us that freedom, as we can easily book a train to beautiful France and stay there for a few days, our relatives none the wiser.

The South of France is a beautiful region to stay and enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation, away from the worries of the modern world. Here, Mike from South France Holiday Villas takes a look at some of Southern France’s most beautiful cities and villages – whether you’re looking for sun sand and sea, or a nice cosy villa where you can curl up in a big armchair with a nice book to read.


A beautiful beach town, Carcassonne is only 15 miles away from the Spanish border and enjoys all of its good weather throughout the summer months. With a quiet sheltered bay and calming waters, this is ideal for those lazy days relaxing by the beach, or to take the little ones to play in the sea. With apartments and villas available throughout Carcassonne, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding where to stay in this idyllic location.

Cote d’Azur

With a stunning selection of beaches, although you’ll be hard pressed to find a spare spot of sand, the Cote d’Azur is an incredibly popular holiday destination with around 5 million tourists going there every year. The Cote d’Azur offers views of its impressive yachts from the harbour and its golden beaches leave little to be desired when it comes to relaxing on the sand. A true paradise in the heart of Europe.



Taking a step away from the coast we now look at the gorgeous town of Montpellier, which is frozen in time with its fine museums, tramway network and old centre that is almost quaint when compared to the hustle and bustle of Paris. However it also has a booming business sector with state-of-the-art modern buildings that provide a cool juxtaposition to the rest of the town.

St Guilhem-le-desert

This sweet village is now a designated UNESCO world heritage site, surrounded by beautiful French countryside and known for being one of the prettiest villages in all of France. Great for avid walkers and cyclists as there are walks near the Cirque de Navacelles and along the banks of the Gorge de l’Herault that are to die for.

Les Gorges du Verdon

Not a city of a village, but still a site of incredible beauty, the Gorges du Verdon is a river canyon that is widely considered as one of Europe’s most beautiful natural river canyons. 700 metres deep and 15 miles long, it offers stunning views of the surrounding area and makes for a great picture shot, plus with a hotel available right on its lip you can enjoy the beautiful views right from your bedroom window.

Whether you want to cycle across the well-worn paths of Southern France, or you quite fancy a dip in the sea following a long sunbathing session at the Beach, France has something to offer for everyone. Plus as it is so close to the UK, all you need to do is book a hotel for the weekend and hop on the EuroStar and you’re halfway there! If you fancy it, you could even make a full holiday of the event and travel throughout the North of France as well, sampling the wonderful cities and hotels of Northern France, to finish off with a lovely weekend of relaxing at the sunny villas of Southern France. Tres Bien!