Sometimes it’s hard to find vegetarian or vegan restaurants of any calibre when you are travelling abroad, and often get served a somewhat disappointing meal of cobbled-together kitchen staples and an alarming amount of salad. Not everywhere though is quite so meat-centric when it comes to fine dining, and these vegetarian friendly eateries in Lisbon are some of the best.

Restaurante Vegetariano Psi, Alameda St Antonio Capuchos, Lisbon

Enjoy Tibetan-inspired cuisine at this friendly restaurant located within a pleasantly green and leafy garden near Hospital dos Capuchos. The welcoming staff and small but dedicated team of chefs serve food that clearly has a lot of care and attention paid to every dish; and the vibrant Asian cuisine lends itself very well to both vegetarian and vegan diets, without an omelette or plain baguette in sight.

Primo Basilico, Rua Dos Remedios 37, Alfama, Lisbon

Located in the heart of the Alfama neighbourhood in Lisbon, this restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine. You may not think Italian dishes would be so easily adapted to be vegetarian and vegan friendly, but they provide a surprising array of delicious options sure to satisfy even the most particular of palettes. Expect wonderful service at very reasonable prices, and they also serve some meat dishes too to satisfy any omnivorous dinner guests in your company.

Primo Basilico

Café Pit, Rua Augusto Rosa, 19-21, Entre Igreja da Sé e Castelo de são Jorge, Lisbon

Don’t be put off by the slightly alarming sounding name, Café Pit is a wonderful tapas and wine bar serving traditional Portuguese fare. They specialise in casual, light dining, and you can enjoy a relaxed, friendly atmosphere while sampling their wide variety of artisanal dishes while chatting with friends and enjoying their selection of wines. A great place to unwind in an oasis of calm in the bustling Alfama district.

Green Pepper, Avenida José Malhoa, 14 – Loja 2, Campolide

This buffet-style eatery offers an excellent choice of food, both hot and cold. The daily fare typically features a soup starter with a selection of accompaniments, then a large selection of salads before you reach the hot food area. Staff are welcoming and helpful, and with a vast array of veggie and vegan friendly dishes including Portuguese specialities, this place will see you going back for at least seconds.

Madragoa Café, R. da Esperanca 136 Santos-o-Velho, Lisbon

The Madragoa Cafe is a cosy, intimate restaurant where you can find traditional, home-cooked Portuguese cuisine and a great selection of wines from the Douro region and beyond. A little off the beaten track, Madragoa café has a delicious selection of dishes, many of which are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Madragoa Café

The owners Antonio and Christina help to cultivate a warm and inclusive atmosphere, which will truly make you feel like welcomed guests. The chocolate cake truly is to die for, so make sure you leave room for desert!

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