Hi there! Welcome to The View From Here. I’ve started this site to share some of the things I see when I’m travelling. I am about to head out on around 3 years of travels (all things going well) so I am going to share some of the awesome views that I come across. But the site is not just for what I see. I want to see what you see too.

my view 1

It doesn’t have to be from the top of Mount Everest, it could be from anywhere. If you want to share something you see, then take a picture and send it in, with a quick explanation if you’d like, and we will put it on the site. You can submit by emailing submit@view-from-here.com or on our Facebook page.

To start us off, here is what I see right now.

It’s the view from outside my office window, on this awesomely sunny day in Britain. I’m not going to tell you exactly where so if you can guess then you win.